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Want to find out how to succeed at universities in America? Start with VOA’s Campus Connection! We bring together students from around the world and connect them with university students in the U.S. We’ll help you learn what to expect on campus and the best way to get there. Want to find out how to succeed in college? College is all about preparing for your future. The better you prepare, the better you will achieve. So start by preparing for college with VOA’s Campus Connection! We’ll help you learn what to expect on campus in the United States, and the best ways to get there. It may be a different experience than you think, so find out on each episode of Campus Connection. Campus Connection also provides listeners a chance to be heard in the program. Do you have a question you would like to ask our experts and fellow students? Do you have a comment on an issue we have addressed in the program? Do you have a point of view you would like to express? Join us on Facebook: VOA Asia E-mail: Postal Mail: Voice of America Room 1100 330 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20237 USA Listen to a recent program

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